DPAS – “Driver Performance Analysis System” Overview



DPAS, introduced in 1986, was the first product of its type and remains today the preeminent methodology of evaluating driver knowledge, perception and behavior to accurately project an individual’s crash-involvement probability.

Developed by Dr. Jack K. Weaver, PH.D., an internationally respected expert in driving safety (see bio below), DPAS credibility has been continuously validated by Dr. Weaver and respected academic and governmental entities. Presently in its 7 th generation, DPAS has been administered to more than 100,000 commercial and passenger vehicle drivers across the U.S. and abroad. In addition to extensive governmental and private industry use, DPAS is the only State approved assessment instrument to temporarily certify Driving Instructors in advance of completing the required formal education.

The Product

The DPAS system is a four-module platform that evaluates driver capabilities by and across these critical dimensions of driving:

  • General Knowledge
  • Perceptual Skills
  • Risk Orientation and
  • Traffic Procedures

In terms of execution, DPAS consists of viewing 100 video driving scenes and agreeing or disagreeing with a statement regarding each scene within 5 seconds. Upon completion (approximately 30 minutes), scores are produced by each of the four modules and overall:

  • Score 1: Performance Relative to the Universe
  • Score 2: Probability of Being Involved in a Crash

Scores and crash probabilities are generated by analyzing the responses to the 100 videos and the results are further refined by more than 300 underlying formulas that represent the complex interdependence between crash contributing variables. Product Evolution Now in its 7 th generation (7.0), the DPAS system has been updated to address changes in consumer behaviors, vehicle engineering and environmental changes that impact crash likelihood. The integrity of each generation has been revalidated at a 95% confidence interval.

DPAS 7.0 – The Seventh Generation of DPAS

The delivery and administration of DPAS has also evolved over the years. Originally, the system was ‘physically’ delivered via video, manual score sheet completion and manual scoring. In the past five years, variations of all of these elements have been tested and validated in terms of online delivery. DPAS 7.0, available spring 2011, will be the first all online integration of DPAS and will be further complemented by comprehensive back-end management information availability. In addition to the standard individual report, there will be a chronological report of all evaluations by establishment as well data exporting for internal client or insurer analysis: Meaning whether you need to evaluate 20 or 200,000 drivers, the process will be turn-key and management friendly.


DPAS is a flexible driver capability assessment solution to more effectively address the risk related to employee driving, including:
  • Pre-employment Qualification
  • High(er) Risk Employee Identification & Management
  • Improved “Across-the-Board” Risk Management to Reduce Claims
  • Insurance Premium Savings from Reduced Future Claims
  • Post Incident Employee Management
For more information or to discuss how DPAS 7.0 can contribute to the performance of your business, please contact us.

About Dr. Weaver – DPAS Developer & Founder (1928 – 2011)

Jack Weaver held an M.S. in Educational Psychology from West Virginia University and a Ph.D. in Psychology (with emphasis in driver behavior) from Florida State University. Dr. Weaver held administrative positions with the Automotive Safety Foundation, Texas A&M University, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Driver Education Demonstration/ Evaluation Project, and Safe Performance Associates, Inc. Dr. Weaver produced driver testing/training video programs for Safe Performance Associates, the State of Florida, the State of Texas, Kawasaki Corporation, the American Association of Community Colleges, Shell Oil Company, AT&T, and the Advanced Driving Skills Institute. He has served as an advisor to the National Association of Governors’ highway safety representatives, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the American Trucking Association, the U.S. Coast Guard, Aetna Insurance Company, the governments of Australia, China, West Germany, Saudi Arabia, American Samoa, and the states of Texas, Montana, West Virginia, California, Florida, Georgia and Colorado. Dr. Weaver was a past president of the American Academy of Safety Education, and served in leadership positions with several professional organizations including, the American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association, the National Safety Council, the Transportation Research Board, the Florida Alliance of Certified Traffic Schools, the American Association for Automotive Medicine and the Alliance for Traffic Safety.

Driver Performance Analysis System